GABA joins Calum Von Moger’s already extensive Staunch Labs line

Jan 28th, 2021
staunch labs gaba

While Calum Von Moger’s brand Staunch still makes all of its original advanced supplements such as the fat burner Burning Man, Whey Isolate, and the pre-workout Koala Freak, it now also has a large basic series. Staunch has named its family of simple supplements Staunch Labs, and it is made up of a wide selection of straightforward and single-ingredient formulas.

Staunch Labs includes vitamin c capsules, bulk tubs of pure citrulline and citrulline malate, elderberry gummies, ZMA, PQQ, d-aspartic acid, and even TUDCA for liver support. The brand has expanded the already large lineup this week with another simple product in GABA, which is a bulk tub of unflavored GABA with 150g of the sleep supporting ingredient per tub.

You can grab Calum Von Moger and Staunch Labs’ bulk GABA at $17.95 from Amazon, where you can find all of the other items in the series as well at reasonable prices.