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RAZE goes with the busier design for its crowd-sourced tropical flavor

tropical raze energy can design

It was only a few days ago the high-energy beverage RAZE Energy moved to the second stage of its crowd-sourced process where it asked fans to pick the design of the can. The brand gave us two options, for what we already know is a tropical-flavored energy drink, with both of the designs featuring a white, light blue, and pink color combination.

One of RAZE Energy’s options was a stylized beach setting in the background, while the other was a busier, icon and illustration filled design, similar to the last crowd-sourced flavor, Baja Lime. Our favorite of the two was the busier one, which today, the brand has confirmed is the one the fans and followers want and is going to be put on the product.

RAZE Energy has already decided the name of its tropical-flavored energy drink, although it is saving that reveal for a later date. The brand is actually planning to share the name of its eleventh flavor when the product becomes available for pre-order, and apparently, that’s not all that far away.