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Weider combines ViNitrox, S7 and Vaso6 in its stackable new pump product

weider nitro genic

German brand Weider is back in the headlines this week, following yesterday’s news of its all-new Yippie Protein Bar spin-off, the Yippie Fruits Protein Bar, with something for the world of sports nutrition. The company has come out with a capsule supplement named Nitro Genic, which is all about enhancing nitric oxide for better pumps in the gym.

Weider’s Nitro Genic is, as mentioned, a capsule product, so it doesn’t have room for huge dosages of common pump ingredients like citrulline, agmatine, and glycerol. The supplement instead relies on premium branded features with its two-capsule serving combining 500mg of ViNitrox, 50mg of the S7 blend, and 300mg of Vaso6, plus BioPerine to help with absorption.

Weider has essentially brought together many of the more modern, branded pump ingredients on the market, all in one product that can easily stack with other stimulant pre-workouts and performance supplements. The brand is rolling out Nitro Genic to stores and stockists in Europe in the coming weeks, with a full-size bottle packing the usual 30 servings.

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