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Weider puts a refreshing, fruity spin on its tasty Yippie Protein Bar

weider yippie fruits protein bar lime tarte

The Yippie Protein Bar is a snack from the German supplement company Weider, that after all of the different bars and functional foods we’ve tried, still has the best-tasting strawberry potein bar out there. The product’s other options are not quite as impressive, although the brand has now come out with a spin-off of its Yippie Protein Bar that takes a different approach when it comes to taste.

Weider has put together the Yippie Fruits Protein Bar, which is, of course, a fruit-flavored version of the on-the-go protein snack, featuring most of the same main ingredients. It still comes with a solid 14g of protein per bar, 13g of carbohydrates, only 200mg of sugar, 7.2g of fat, and a calorie count of 167, all while providing a delicious and sweet Lime Tart flavor, the first option for Yippie Fruits.

Weider’s Yippie Fruits Protein Bar is available now through its online store over at and supplement retailers. Directly from the brand, single bars of the Lime Tart-flavored spin-off setting you back a reasonable and competitive €1.99 (2.42 USD) each, which is just a bit more than the original Yippie Protein Bar.

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