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Long-awaited Skinny Duo Bar arrives with 12g of protein and 198 calories

skinny duo bar

After several months of waiting, as the brand originally unveiled the product way back in August of last year, The Skinny Food Co has finally released its long-awaited low-calorie snack, the Skinny Duo Bar. It is a pack of two bite-sized bars with only 99 calories each, and they come in three delicious flavors with Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Cookies & Cream.

The full nutrition profile on a single piece of the Skinny Duo Bar, as mentioned, you get two pieces per pack, is 6 to 6.2g of protein, 10 to 11g of carbohydrates with well under a gram of that sugar, and a low 4.4g of fat. The product isn’t as high in protein as your typical protein bar, although the idea is to be more of a low-calorie treat, like a candy bar alternative.

You can now finally purchase The Skinny Food Co’s Skinny Duo Bar from its online store in one of two options. There are boxes of 12 all in one flavor, which is technically 24 pieces with two per pack, at £24 (32.67 USD). The other way to go is the variety pack, working out to the same price per bar at £6 (8.17 USD) for one of each of the three tasty looking flavors.