First limited edition Sicario gets a different look, flavor and tweaked formula

Feb 1st, 2021
asc supplements limited edition sicario

Last year, hardcore company ASC Supplements released a special edition version of its signature stimulant pre-workout, El Jefe. It got an alternative label design, a fresh new Snow Cone flavor, and a slightly different formula delivering intense energy and focus. In a month and a half, the brand is doing the same again, although this time for its stimulant-free pre-workout, Sicario.

In anticipation of the launch of its first-ever limited-edition Sicario pre-workout, ASC Supplements is doing what it did last time and asking fans to sign up and reserve their tub. It’s not something where you pay to pre-order, just reserving your interest for when the product does become available to purchase, which is certainly important as only 1,000 units of the supplement is being made.

The flavor of ASC Supplements’ upcoming limited-time Sicario is a candy-themed Peach Rings, and for the formula, you can see its completely transparent facts panel directly below. Much like the special edition El Jefe, the product has some similarities with the regular version, alongside several added ingredients and changes in dosages, such as 25% more pure citrulline at 5g per serving.

asc supplements limited edition sicario

A few other notable differences between ASC Supplements original and special edition Sicarios is added beta-alanine to support performance and endurance, 25% more pomegranate, added DMAE and Neurofactor for mental focus, and added epimedium and VasoDrive for even better pumps.

While there are a lot of additions and increases in the upcoming limited-edition Sicario, it is not without its removals. ASC Supplements has dropped a few features that are in the standard version, including no more GlycerPump glycerol, Vaso6, and pine bark. The brand has also removed some focus ingredients in lion’s mane and alpha-GPC, which were replaced by DMAE and NeuroFactor.