Chocolate lovers flavor comes to the Barebells Protein Bar in the US

Feb 9th, 2021
barebells chocolate dough protein bar in the us

With the continued success of Barebells and its number one-rated protein bar in the US, it’s no surprise the Swedish functional brand is continuing to grow its selection of products in the country. It still doesn’t have the variety you get in Europe, especially its home country of Sweden, but it is edging closer with this month bringing another addition to the lineup.

Barebells has announced another flavor for its flagship protein bar is coming to its growing list of stockists in the US, with the flavor dedicated to chocolate lovers in Chocolate Dough. The product originally launched in Sweden in January of last year, packing 20g of protein for 200 calories and providing a decadent, brownie-like, all-out chocolate experience.

It is indeed another great addition to the family of products Barebells has here in the US, taking its total to seven flavors, meaning there are only three missing from the menu that you can get in Sweden. The Chocolate Dough Barebells Protein Bar is going to be available from all of its usual retailers, including its own online store over at

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