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Body and Fit combines Duocap technology with a few immunity ingredients

body and fit immune support duo

In December of last year, the major European supplement retailer and brand Body and Fit, made use of the unique Duocap capsule technology in its premium gut health and digestion product, Pro B Duo. This month, the brand is doing the same again, putting Duocap technology to good use, although this time for an immune health supplement powered by four main ingredients.

Body and Fit has named its latest Duocap product “Immune Support Duo”, with the formula including a somewhat light dose of vitamin c at 32mg per serving, 10mcg of vitamin d, and 4mg of zinc. Those ingredients are what’s in the large, liquid capsule, with the feature squeezed inside the green-colored inner capsule being the premium and proven Wellmune beta glucan at 250mg.

As mentioned, Body and Fit’s Immune Support Duo is a dedicated immunity supplement, something we’ve seen a lot of brands, big and small, come out with over the past year. The price of the product is relatively expensive compared to other immunity formulas we’ve seen with a similar set of ingredients at €25.99 (31.54 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings at