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Chemix Nootropic Review: Guerrilla Chemist takes the lead in the nootropic market

Chemix Nootropic is a focus enhancing, nootropic supplement from the Guerrilla Chemist’s brand Chemix, and finally came to market at the end of last year after being first mentioned a year prior. Like most products from Chemix, it is loaded, featuring more active ingredients than most competitors in the growing category, and it doesn’t have any stimulants, making it easier to stack.

With so much hype and anticipation behind Chemix Nootropic, we knew we had to get our hands on it, which is exactly what we did earlier this year and have been putting the supplement to good use over the past few weeks. It’s actually been a while since we’ve experienced a flat out, obvious, category-leading product, and as we had hoped, Chemix Nootropic is precisely that.

chemix nootropic review


Being stimulant-free, Chemix Nootropic doesn’t hit like a train or send any kind of intense rush over you. It’s a subtle focus enhancing supplement; even when you combine it with a moderate amount of caffeine, its memorable benefits aren’t over-the-top or in your face. The product’s experience grows over about an hour and evolves into improved cognition, elevated mood, and strong mental focus.

It is the mood or uplift that you initially notice and feel; then, from there, the other benefits are best picked up on while doing something that requires you at the top of your mental game. This can be working, writing, studying, gaming, or general productivity. It is during these activities that you’ll find your mind is enhanced, where you can think, connect, create, remember, and recall much more efficiently.

Chemix Nootropic is similar to other top-rated focus supplements we’ve had, with the key differences being the overall balance, tolerance having no noticeable effect, and convenience of no stimulants. It works every time you use it to the same level it did on your last dose; in fact, on occasions, we felt the focus was a little more centered and zoned in, while maintaining the cognition, alertness, mood, and other benefits.

chemix nootropic review


The Guerrilla Chemist and Chemix have always been known to put out quality supplements with loaded formulas and solid dosages, and Chemix Nootropic might be their best release to date. Not only does the product deliver increased amounts of key effects that you can clearly notice and categorize, but it brings them together in a balanced experience that lasts and doesn’t require or rely on any stimulants.

For those that feel they need caffeine, feel free to throw it in with Chemix Nootropic. We had a few servings of the supplement with a Monster Ultra or light stimulant product and enjoyed all of the same benefits mentally as we did standalone. The most significant difference is the energy kick speeds things up and helps boost the uplifting feeling; if anything, making it an even more comprehensive experience.

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