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Clean Drink relaunches its sustainable beverage with fewer calories and a new name

clean drink x rescued savd

Swedish beverage brand Clean Drink has revamped and relaunched its sustainable beverage “Rscued”, which was originally a collaboration with the company of the same name. The appropriately named drink features 105mg of natural caffeine, vitamins, and it is made using rescued fruit juices. Those are juices made from fruits and vegetables intended to be thrown away, but saved or “rescued”.

The sustainable, functional drink from Clean Drink has been renamed for the New Year, going from “Rscued” to “Clean Sav:D”, and is now entirely from Clean Drink. The product that is no longer a collaboration, also has more fruit and vitamins, fewer calories, and still a great taste. The brand has announced it in three ongoing flavors; Apple, Peach, and Lime, with no sign of the energy drink’s original Strawberry.

By the looks of things, Clean Drink will be rolling out its newly named Clean Sav:D to stores and stockists in its home country of Sweden soon, if not already, and presumably for the same price as the original.