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Cotton Candy becomes an on going flavor for Eat Me Guilt Free’s crumbly protein brownie

eat me guilt free cotton candy protein brownie

In 2020, protein snack brand Eat Me Guilt Free launched 12 different limited-edition flavors of its signature protein brownie under its Flavor Of The Month Series, including unique creations such as Wonder Woman and Pumpkin Patch. Another one of the tasty protein brownies that dropped for a limited time was Cotton Candy, which now appears to be back and here to stay.

Eat Me Guilt Free has just launched its Cotton Candy protein brownie as a staple product outside of its limited-edition Flavor Of The Month Series. We’re not sure if it’s the exact same recipe, but it is still called the Cotton Candy protein brownie and comes with a similarly lean nutrition profile of 14g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates with 8g of that sugar, 10g of fat, and 186 calories.

The Cotton Candy protein brownie is now available in Eat Me Guilt Free’s online store, where it does actually describe the product as having better taste and texture, suggesting it is an improvement of that limited original. Either way, you can grab it directly from the brand at $36 for a box of a dozen tasty, protein-packed brownies.