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Three more takeaway-inspired flavors coming to Fakeaway’s low-calorie sauce

fake away fajita peri peri jerk sauces

The second product we got from The Skinny Food Co’s takeaway (fast food)-inspired functional brand Fakeaway was a low-sugar, low-calorie sauce, similar to its own Skinny Sauce. The convenient and diet-friendly condiment hit the market in five flavors, all supporting that takeaway theme with Indian Curry, Chinese Curry, Burger, Kebab, and Pizza.

In the coming weeks, The Skinny Food Co and Fakeaway are expanding one of its earliest products with three more options, set to take the product’s menu to a strong total of eight. Once again, all of the upcoming additions to the Fakeaway sauce are low in sugar and calories, gluten-free, and inspired by takeaway foods with Fajita, Jerk, and Peri Peri.

According to the company, the three new Fakeaway sauces are launching soon, with no exact release date or week, but we do know their price at £3.99 (5.46 USD) directly through The Skinny Food Co’s online store.

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