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GAAM’s limited edition Påskmust flavor is back for its popular energy drink

gaam nutrition paskmust gaam energy

Just like last year, Swedish brand GAAM Nutrition from the popular retailer Proteinbolaget, has released a special edition, Easter-themed flavor of its popular energy drink, GAAM Energy, packing 180mg of caffeine. The returning flavor is Påskmust, a popular soda available in Sweden around Easter, similar to the malty and cola-like Julmust that shows up for the holidays.

For 2021, GAAM Nutrition has given its Påskmust GAAM Energy a slight rebrand to match the beverage’s other options, which were all rebranded a few months ago in November of last year. While the outside of the limited Easter product has changed, the Påskmust flavor has remained the same, although it does no longer have BCAAs, a tweak GAAM made with last year’s rebrand.

Despite Easter still being a little over a month away, GAAM Nutrition’s returning Påskmust GAAM Energy is already in stock and available from Proteinbolaget in single cans, a case of 24, or a large case of 48.