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Gaming brand Glitch moves to full transparency in its refresh and relaunch

glitch energy matrix

The gaming supplement Glitch has completely relaunched itself today, as promised earlier this week, with a fresh new look and revamped product formulated specifically for gamers. The combination of ingredients and dosages in Glitch’s flagship supplement “Energy Matrix”, is where the biggest changes have been made, as the formula now looks a lot better on paper.

Glitch’s original gaming product, similarly named “Energy Formula”, wrapped all of its key ingredients in three non-transparent blends, so you didn’t know the exact amounts of everything in there. That has been completely flipped for Glitch’s relaunch, as Energy Matrix is fully transparent, with each of its energy and focus boosting compounds listed with their precise amount per serving.

glitch energy matrix

Glitch Energy Matrix isn’t an overly loaded gaming supplement, although, in our experience, sometimes the less over-the-top focus formulas work well for hours of gaming. You can see the formula in Energy Matrix in the facts panel above, including highlights such as 100mg of Dynamine, 2g of taurine, a gram of tyrosine, and a moderate amount of natural caffeine at 150mg.

The refreshed gaming product Energy Matrix from the revamped Glitch is available now on its updated website over at The supplement is a little more expensive than the brand’s original Energy Formula at $39.99 instead of $35 for a tub of 30 servings. There are two flavors to choose from in Spaceberry and Electric Lemonade, with a Glitch shaker available too at $14.99.