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More cost-effective carb formula Carb Up coming very soon from HR Labs

hr labs carb up

Next month, the premium UK brand HR Labs is coming out with its intriguing and unique new blood flow supplement Ride On, formulated to support performance, endurance, and of course, pumps. It is intended to be more of a daily blood flow product as opposed to a pump product you take before a workout, featuring pomegranate, Vaso6, Blackvcube black ginger, and a hefty 2.1g of Lepidamax gelatinized maca.

Once again, that supplement is expected to roll out sometime next month finally, although that’s not all the up-and-coming HR Labs has up its sleeve. In our latest interview for the Stack3d Supplement Podcast on iTunes and Spotify, we chatted with the man behind the brand Liam Armstrong, where he goes into a lot more detail on the approach and idea behind Ride On as well as another product coming soon named Carb Up.

In an effort to give fans a cost-effective carbohydrate supplement instead of its packed out and premium, carb-infused intra-workout Level Up, HR Labs is introducing the much more basic Carb Up. It will feature a Cluster Dextrin-based formula — the main source of carbs in Level Up — but that is where it ends, so as mentioned, it’ll give fans the freedom to get their preferred amount of carbohydrates for pre, intra, or post-workout.

By the sounds of things, HR Labs Carb Up is ready to go right now, suggesting we’ll probably see that shortly after Ride On makes it to market and around the time gyms are currently expected to reopen in the UK on April 12th.

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