Jacked Factory opens a hotline with Chris Bumsted to support the CBUM Series

Feb 23rd, 2021
jacked factory cbum phone line

Today is the day Jacked Factory and its premier ambassador Chris Bumsted are releasing the CBUM Series, put together in partnership with Bumsted himself. The line consists of two separate supplements, a premium whey isolate-based protein powder, and a stimulant-powered pre-workout formulated for energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Jacked Factory is launching the CBUM Series at midday Eastern Time today on its website, and to go alongside it, the brand is running quite a unique and entertaining promotion with Chris Bumsted. Jacked Factory has opened a hotline that you can call on 1-833-ASK-CBUM and be taken to a menu of options all focused on Bumsted and the CBUM Series.

The Jacked Factory and Chris Bumsted collaborative hotline includes information on the CBUM Series protein powder and pre-workout, an inspirational quote from Bumsted, a way to leave a review, and more. It’s a creative and fun little promotion to go with the release of the CBUM supplements, not to mention informative.