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Three more all-new supplements announced for Levrone’s Blackline Series

levrone signature series anabolic vita pak

Kevin Levrone’s supplement company, Levrone Signature Series, recently came out with a bit of a surprise, in a new addition to its black and gold line of products, with the testosterone booster Anabolic Test. It was a surprise because it’s not the brand’s most recent series of supplements, but it turns out it has a lot more in store for the line than Anabolic Test.

Levrone Signature Series has named three more new products for the Blackline, all of which are for more advanced categories like Anabolic Test. There is Anabolic Cuts, a comprehensive and stimulant-fueled fat burner; Anabolic Flex, a well-rounded and well-dosed joint support supplement; and finally, the all-in-one multivitamin, Anabolic Vita Pak.

An interesting feature of the new Levrone Signature Series Blackline products is they come in individually-packaged pill sachets, much like the original pack-style supplements from Animal. By the sounds of things, the brand is already rolling out its newest Blackline family members to stores so be on the lookout if you’re in one of the brand’s markets.