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G Fuel turns its Twisted Kandy flavor into Love Kandy for Valentine’s Day

love kandy g fuel

In 2019, gaming supplement company G Fuel launched a romantic new flavor of its flagship brand-named product around Valentine’s Day, with Pink Grapefruit. For 2021, the brand looks to be getting back into that same spirit and feeling, although this time around, the flavor it has planned for release around Valentine’s Day has more of a romantic theme to it.

The always creative and entertaining team at G Fuel has announced a flavor called Love Kandy featuring love heart candy throughout the background, and of course, love in the name. While the flavor does sound new, it is actually another reskin with the gaming brand taking its Halloween 2018 flavor Twisted Kandy and giving it a new name and look for a limited time.

The Love Kandy G Fuel comes with all of the same ingredients and dosages fans have come to rely on in G Fuel with 40 servings per tub. The product is launching in ten days’ time on the 10th of this month, giving you just a few days to get your hands on it in time for Valentine’s Day.

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