Triple Stuffed Cookie flavor on the way for Super Sized and a larger 10lb bag

Feb 20th, 2021
merica labz triple stuffed cookie super sized

Super Sized is a mass gainer from ‘Merica Labz featuring a clean but calorie-dense nutrition profile led by a strong 43g of protein per serving with 16g of fat, 113g of carbohydrates, and 780 calories. It also comes in two delicious flavors filled with tasty inclusions in Fruity Rebels with real cereal pieces and Fluffy Chubby Nutz with real marshmallows throughout.

As tasty as those Super Sized flavors are, they’re the same two ‘Merica Labz has had available for the mass gainer since it launched over a year ago. Very soon however, the patriotic brand is coming out with another flavor that sounds even tastier than Fruity Rebels and Fluffy Chubby Nutz in Triple Stuffed Cookie, presumably filled with delicious real cookie pieces.

In addition to the all-new Triple Stuffed Cookie Super Sized, ‘Merica Labz is changing the packaging of the mass gainer, giving it a new look and moving from its original 5lb tub to a much bigger 10lb bag. As far as we know, the formula will remain the same, which should give the 10lber twice the servings at 22, and quite possibly better value as larger sizes tend to bring that.