Modern Hardcore’s Arez looks to be getting a limited edition spin-off

modern hardcore arez limited edition

Modern Hardcore Nutrition or more simply MHN is the brand that released its own version of the reputable pre-workout Arez God Of The Gym. While the product is a key attraction in the brand’s lineup, that’s not all it has available; in fact, it has two others on the market in the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Overflow and the 5-in-1 multivitamin Fierce5.

Modern Hardcore Nutrition has now started teasing its first new supplement since the launch of Arez God Of The Gym and Overflow in September of last year. The upcoming product appears to be a limited edition version of its well-known stimulant pre-workout Arez, with no other details outside of that, as you can see for yourself in MHN’s teaser image above.

With very little information, we’re going to guess that Modern Hardcore Nutrition’s intriguing limited edition Arez God Of The Gym, will be some sort of more intense pre-workout. Spin-offs that are only around for a short amount of time almost always shoot for that more hardcore experience, and with Arez having the reputation it does, it’d be a fitting angle.