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Morphogen launches two more premium products for men’s and women’s health

morphodonis and morphodite

Alongside its all-new, premium multivitamin Morphomulti, Morphogen Nutrition has released another couple of health-focused supplements in Morphodonis and Morphodite. The products have been put together to support a variety of areas of health and wellness beyond that of a multivitamin. The key difference between Morphodonis and Morphodite is the former is specifically for men and the former for women.

Morphogen Nutrition’s men’s focused Morphodonis aims to help with libido, vitality, cardiovascular health, hormone balancing, blood flow, prostate health, and natural energy production. As for Morphodite, that also intends to support libido, vitality, energy production, blood flow, and cardiovascular health, as well as anxiety, mood, insulin sensitivity, premenstrual and PCOS symptoms, and hormone balancing.


Essentially, Morphogen Nutrition’s Morphodonis (label above) and Morphodite (label below) are incredibly well-rounded, men’s and women’s health supplements to support you in areas most health products don’t. That is actually something of a theme with Morphogen, which has become known for its premium and advanced supplements that belong to categories you won’t usually find well-formulated, comprehensive products for.


You can see the full formulas in Morphodonis and Morphodite in the images above, and they are, of course, different. There are some overlapping ingredients between the Morphogen Nutrition supplements, such as Lepidamax, pregnenolone, and HMRlignan lignan extract. But as mentioned, they do have slightly different benefits and are for separates audiences; Morphodonis for men and Morphodite for women.

Morphogen Nutrition’s men’s and women’s health products are in stock and available for purchase starting today from its online store. They’re also both cost the same as all of the brand’s other premium supplements at $48 for full-size bottles of 30 servings.