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MST combines 5g of collagen with common joint ingredients in liquid format

mst nutrition collagen for joints

The typically straightforward German brand MST Nutrition is back this week with its third liquid-format supplement in one month, introducing “Collagen For Joints”. As the name of the product says, the brand’s new product is a collagen-based supplement to support joint health, mobility, and comfort, although it does have more than just collagen.

MST Nutrition’s Collagen For Joints brings together a reasonable 5g of collagen per serving, along with the usual joint support suspects in glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin at 300mg, 500mg, and 200mg, respectively. There are also vitamins C and D, zinc, and to further the overall joint effects, the slightly less common hyaluronic acid at 20mg.

As mentioned, Collagen For Joints from MST Nutrition comes in liquid format with no mention of any flavor and it is available now in the brand’s home country of Germany with a little more than the usual 30 servings per bottle at 40.