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Promising pre Pumping Iron will have a huge 5g of NO3-T nitrate ingredients

muscle beach pumping iron pre-workout

If you’re a fan of pre-workouts aimed at enhancing muscle pumps, especially those without stimulants, you’ll likely be familiar with premium NO3-T nitrates. The team at NO3-T has many quality compounds on the market, including the likes of creatine nitrate, citrulline nitrate, betaine nitrate, arginine nitrate, and a few other nitrate-powered ingredients.

NO3-T has become known for its reliable effectiveness and intense pump effect, in fact, it is in the majority of our top five pump pre-workouts, including our number one ranked Ghost Pump. The reason we’re highlighting NO3-T today is that in a few weeks, Muscle Beach Nutrition is coming out with its long-awaited pre-workout Pumping Iron, and if you like nitrates, you’re going to want to get in on this one.

While the full formula behind Pumping Iron has yet to be shared, Muscle Beach Nutrition has revealed it will feature more active nitrate ingredients than we’ve ever seen in a single supplement. The promising pre-workout is going to have a combined 5g of NO3-T, split up across four different amino nitrate ingredients, two of which have never been used before.

Despite Muscle Beach Nutrition loading Pumping Iron with NO3-T nitrates, it is still a comprehensive pre-workout formulated to improve and enhance energy, mental focus, performance, and of course, pumps. More details will be shared on the packed-out product in the coming weeks, with as mentioned, Pumping Iron due to arrive somewhere early next month.