Muscle Sport releases another Archetype-like keto supplement in Tru BHB

muscle sport tru bhb

We recently posted about Muscle Sport’s all-new keto-friendly carbohydrate supplement SuperCarb and mentioned how identical the formula is to that of Archetype Nutrition’s Keto SuperCarb. This week the brand has another keto-type product on the market, which also shares its formula with something from Archetype Nutrition’s family of supplements.

Muscle Sport’s latest launch is Tru BHB, featuring all of the same main ingredients and dosages as Archetype Nutrition’s product of the same name. It is a fully dosed ketone supplement, packing a hefty 11.5g of premium goBHB ketones alongside 3g of goFAT branded coconut oil to support natural ketogenesis and improve ketone levels in your blood.

While the formula in Muscle Sport’s Tru BHB is the same as what we saw in Archetype Nutrition’s Tru BHB back in 2019, the newer product has mixed things up when it comes to flavors. Muscle Sport’s goBHB supplement is available now through its online store at $49.99 or $30 for Stack3d Insiders, in intriguing Rainbow Candy and Salted Caramel flavors.