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Yellow pea and brown rice protein take the lead in Nutrabio’s Plant Protein

nutrabio plant protein

The long-awaited return of Nutrabio’s plant-based protein powder is here today, powered by a fully transparent blend of two vegan-friendly sources of protein. Each serving of the Nutrabio’s Plant Protein provides the usual amount of protein for a plant-based supplement at 20g, with 14g of that from yellow pea protein and the remaining 6g from brown rice protein.

Nutrtabio keeps the rest of its Plant Protein nutrition profile quite low with 4 to 5g of carbohydrates, zero sugar, 2 to 3g of fat, and 110 to 120 calories. There are those variances in macros due to the three different flavors of the supplement, which promise to be competitively tasty and are German Chocolate Cake, Snickerdoodle Cookie, and Mochaccino Mousse Cake.

All three of the Nutrabio Plant Protein flavors are naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, and they come with the premium prebiotic fiber Frutalose at 1.8g per serving. The plant-based supplement is due to be available sometime today through the brand’s online store over at in the one tub size to start packing a total of 18 servings.