Tweaked VasoForce drops glycerol and doubles its dose of agmatine and S7

Feb 1st, 2021
sns vasoforce xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions, or SNS for short, did promise at least one new supplement each week for three months, and while we didn’t share it in time, the brand did drop one last week. The latest from SNS is another revamp of a previously released product, with the item getting the attention on this occasion being its stimulant-free capsule pump formula VasoForce XT.

The brand has given VasoForce XT a bit of a refresh on the formula side of things, removing an ingredient, doubling a couple, and adding an all-new feature. The supplement has carried over its original 600mg of Vaso6 and 50mg of AstraGin, doubled the amount of agmatine and S7 to a gram and 100mg, respectively, removed the 1.5g of glycerol, and added 50mg of Senactiv.

SNS still promises all of the same benefits as the previous VasoForce XT, with a few tweaks for a better experience overall, including improved recovery, endurance, and strength, as well as enhanced pumps and volumization. The renewed VasoForce XT is available from the brand’s website, where you can currently use the code “VASOFORCEXT25” to discount it to $33.74