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Wowtein adds a higher concentrated liquid carnitne packing 4g per serving

wowtein carnitine 4000

The team at Wowtein, an up and coming supplement company in the Middle East, widely available through the UAE retailer Dr. Nutrition, has released another liquid carnitine product. It is different from other supplements from the brand of similar format and formula by simply being a lot more concentrated, packing a bit more carnitine per serving.

Wowtein’s latest liquid carnitine comes with a solid 4g of regular l-carnitine in each of its 33 servings per bottle. That beats out either of the brand’s previous carnitine products with 1.5g and 3g of carnitine. Wowtein’s more concentrated liquid carnitine is already available for purchase at Dr. Nutrition retailers in two flavors, Strawberry and Pina Colada.

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