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ABE Energy Drink Review: Sweet and strong flavor from start to finish

To close out 2020, major UK supplement company Applied Nutrition released its long-awaited energy drink version of its flagship stimulant pre-workout, All Black Everything, better known as ABE. The product features a more pre-workout style formula than your typical energy drink with 2g each of beta-alanine and citrulline malate, a gram of betaine, and a solid 200mg of caffeine.

Applied Nutrition released its ABE energy drink in four flavors, all sugar-free with absolutely no calories. Those flavors are Fruit Candy, Blue Lagoon, Orange Burst, and American Grape Soda. We managed to get our hands on all four for a full flavor review, and despite not enjoying all of the energy beverages we’ve had from the UK all that much, this one does not disappoint.

abe energy drink review


Applied Nutrition’s energy drink spin-off of ABE is the tastiest we’ve tried from any UK sports nutrition company. We didn’t mind the initial flavors of the likes of Grenade Energy and Sneak’s energy drink competitor, but both had an unfortunate aftertaste. The ABE beverage is similar, with a strong sweetness right from the first sip; however, it follows the whole way through.

The American Grape Soda ABE energy drink is indeed a grape soda-like, almost sugary flavor, Orange Burst is impressively citrusy, and Fruit Candy has the sweetest taste of the lot, which is also more candy-like than fruity. The only one we didn’t find overly enjoyable was Blue Lagoon, mostly because the blue raspberry taste is short-lived and doesn’t have the lasting strength of the others.

abe energy drink review


As mentioned earlier, Applied Nutrition’s ABE beverage easily stands out as the best-tasting energy drink we’ve had from the UK. It has more than enough flavor to make you want to keep drinking and the right amount of carbonation to give you the full energy drink experience.

You get the kind of effects and benefits you’d expect from the ABE energy drink formula, with a clean boost in energy and light increase in focus. We never put the product to the test in the gym, only outside of it for work, gaming, and day-to-day activities. However, as highlighted, it has a few features in there for performance, such as citrulline, beta-alanine, and betaine.