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Animal puts a different blend of ingredients into its flavored Animal Cuts

animal cuts powder

Fans of the hardcore legacy brand Animal may remember last year it put a flavored powder version of its original fat burner Animal Cuts into its Alpha Testing Program. Almost half a year later, the brand has officially released that supplement, introducing Animal Cuts Powder, which does feature a slightly different formula compared to the regular pill pack Animal Cuts.

Like the original, Animal’s all-new Animal Cuts Powder features a formula to support weight loss, with a selection of ingredients to provide a variety of complimenting benefits. The product includes compounds to enhance metabolism and thermogenesis, increase physical energy and mental focus, and a couple of ingredients to help with water loss to provide a leaner overall look.

animal cuts powder

You can see the formula Animal has put together for Animal Cuts Powder in the image above, which, as mentioned, does have some differences compared to the pill pack version. Several ingredients have been carried over from the original, including green, oolong, white, and black tea extract, the classic caffeine, and dandelion root and uva ursi for the water loss benefits.

Another key difference with Animal Cuts Powder versus Animal Cuts is the brand has given it a lot more transparency. While not every ingredient in the flavored fat burner is listed with its precise dose — so it’s not fully transparent — there are more than the original, which has everything in proprietary blends.

The major online retailer Amazon is the first place stocking Animal’s flavored spin-off of Animal Cuts, and it is slightly more expensive than the regular version. Through Amazon, Animal Cuts Powder will cost you $41.95 for a tub of 42 servings in a Blue Ice Pop flavor, whereas the original Animal Cuts has that same amount of serving but is available for a few dollars less at $38.95.