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Apollos puts 3mg of melatonin per capsule in its latest standalone supplement

apollos hegemony melatonin3

It was only a few days ago we posted about Apollos Hegemony’s new and basic energy and relaxation supplement Caffeine + Theanine, featuring precisely that, a combination of caffeine and theanine. The Polish brand has also rolled out a second basic product this month which is a little simpler than Caffeine + Theanine, but just as self-explanatory when you hear its name.

Apollos Hegemony’s other new supplement for March is Melatonin3; a melatonin-based product featuring the solid dose mentioned in its title with 3mg of melatonin per single-capsule serving. Again, it is a straightforward supplement to support and improve your quality of sleep, with Melatonin3 already up for pre-order through the brand’s reliable retail partner Muscle Zone.

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