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Arms Race sets its sights on April and May for its mountain of new supplements

arms race nutrition new product rollout

Sometime between the end of next month and early May, Arms Race Nutrition from Doug Miller and Julian Smith, is dropping a mountain of excitement. Around that time, it is planning to roll out several all-new supplements, including two entirely new advanced products, one of which is for a category the brand is already competing in with the protein powder Foundation.

The list of upcoming supplements from Arms Race Nutrition includes the previously posted about Basics Series, featuring straightforward standalone products such as glutamine, creatine, dextrose, citrulline, and EAAs. There is also going to be the brand’s long-awaited superfood formula enhanced with immunity ingredients and a protein powder separate from Foundation named Elevation.

The key difference between Arms Race Nutrition’s new Elevation compared to Foundation is instead of featuring multiple sources of protein; it relies on just the one in premium and lean whey isolate. Elevation as well as the superfood supplement and Basics Series, as mentioned, are currently expected to drop in and around the end of April to early May.

Basically, if you’re a fan of Doug Miller and Julian Smith’s reliable and reputable brand Arms Race Nutrition, you’re in for a lot of fun in the next couple of months, with a lot of new products right around the corner. This is also all on top of the brand’s recent release of its first-ever stimulant fat burner Thermo, which only became available mid-last month.