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Kamikaze Cola Series brings three cola flavors to Athletic Sport’s pre-workout

athletic sport kamikaze cola

Fast-growing Australian supplement company Athletic Sport, known for its hit stimulant pre-workout Kamikaze, has come out with a whole new series of flavors for that exact product. The pre-workout already comes in a tasty variety of options, including Grape Soda, Rainbow Gummy, Creaming Soda, Strawberry Lemonade, and an alternatively branded Hawaiian Splice.

Athletic Sport’s new family of flavors for Kamikaze is quite different from any of those others with the Kamikaze Cola Series, made up of three cola-themed creations. They are Sour Cola, Vanilla Cola, and a more traditional taste in Classic Cola. They come with all of the same highlights as the regular flavors, such as 6g of citrulline, half a gram of KSM-66, and 450mg of caffeine.

Athletic Sport’s Sour Cola, Vanilla Cola, and Classic Cola Kamikaze have just landed in Australia and are all now available for purchase through the brand’s own online store at Kamikaze’s regular price of $69.95 (53.20 USD).