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Best Whey gets a larger 1kg tub for the same price as its original 900g

atlhetica nutrition 1kg best whey

Another new product the Brazilian brand Atlhetica Nutrition has released this week, alongside the many we’ve already posted about, is another size of its original hit protein powder, Best Whey. However, the catch with this one is that while it brings even better value to the supplement, it is a bit of an exclusive and doesn’t give you as many flavors to choose from.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s newest Best Whey size tips the scales at 1kg, just 100g more than its previous largest tub of 900g. According to the brand, the 1kg Best Whey won’t cost fans any more than the 900g, which immediately makes it more cost-effective. As mentioned, it is exclusive, with Atlhetica only making it available through physical retailers, not any online stores.

Lastly, Atlhetica Nutrition’s slightly larger tub of Best Whey doesn’t have all of the same flavors to choose from as the standard 900g. It has six and they are Brigadeiro Gourmet, Chocolate Brownie, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Original. The product is available now in Brazil and is undoubtedly a great option for Best Whey fans looking for more value.