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Ballistic launches a standalone berberine product with enhanced absorption

ballistic labs berberine supercyclo

Ballistic1 is a more straightforward, simpler series of supplements from Canadian brand Ballistic Labs, including products such as unflavored powder formulas featuring glutamine, creatine, and citrulline malate. This week the brand has introduced a new member of the family in Berberine Supercyclo, which is a little more than the standalone berberine supplement you might think.

Ballistic Labs Berberine Supercyclo features 200mg of berberine in each of its 90 capsules, although the berberine in the product is not the typical form. As per the supplement’s title, it is Berberine Supercyclo, which is a berberine and beta-cyclodextrin complex, combined together to greatly improve the absorption of the ingredient to increase insulin secretion and glucose uptake.

Just like glucose disposal agents with wide varieties of ingredients, which is the type of product you generally find berberine in, Berberine Supercyclo is designed to be taken before a carbohydrate-heavy meal. Ballistic Labs is rolling out its latest Ballistic1 supplement this week, so fans can probably expect to see it in stores and on shelves in the coming days and weeks.