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Ballistic creates a pre-workout specifically designed to be dry scooped

ballistic labs dry scoop

A lot of Ballistic Labs’ recent releases have been quite entertaining on the naming side of things, with the likes of the protein powder Brotein and stimulant-free pump pre-workout Big Boy. This week the Canadian brand has come out with another intriguing effort that extends its name into the supplement’s design, introducing the stimulant pre-workout, Dry Scoop.

As the name of Ballistic Labs’ latest product says, Dry Scoop is a pre-workout packing a good amount of energy and focus ingredients and is designed to be dry scooped. For those unfamiliar with the term, dry scooping is where you throw a serving of a supplement, usually a pre-workout, straight into your mouth, then wash it down with some water, or do a bit of water first, then the scoop.

Ballistic Labs directs users to take Dry Scoop in that way to deliver the benefits and intensity of the product as soon as possible. The formula behind the supplement includes a solid 5g of BetaBuild betaine, a gram of DMAE, 1.5g of tyrosine and 400mg of alpha-GPC for focus, 2g of taurine, 400mcg of huperzine a, and a strong 400mg of caffeine for energy.

There is also a feature called OralGest in Ballistic Labs Dry Scoop at 50mg per maximum serving, which is specifically in there to accelerate the oral absorption of the product. There are 20 full servings in every tub of the pre-workout, weighing 13.4g each, so it won’t be too difficult to dry scoop, at least compared to supplements that are up and above the 20g mark.

Ballistic Labs is rolling out its Dry Scoop pre-workout to stores and stockists starting today, with two flavors to choose from, and they’re just as uniquely named as the product in Razzleberry Pixie Dust and Just Peach Diddly Dip.