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Energy and focus beverage C4 Smart Energy gets Natural Zero spin-off

c4 smart energy natural zero

Yesterday we posted about two all-new beverages from Cellucor with the revamped version of C4 Ultimate Carbonated and the impressively loaded C4 Dynasty On-The-Go pre-workout drink. There is actually one other release in the beverage market the brand has revealed and released this week, which is an all-natural version of its focus energy drink C4 Smart Energy.

C4 Smart Energy Natural Zero is the other new product from Cellucor, featuring all of the same main, quality ingredients for energy and focus, including Cognizin citicoline, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and InnovaTea natural caffeine. The caffeine is at 150mg per can, the same amount as you get in the 12oz C4 Smart Energy, which is also the same size as the Natural Zero version.

The critical difference with Cellucor’s C4 Smart Energy Natural Zero is it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, as well as no artificial flavors or colors like the regular C4 Smart Energy. The product still promises a great taste with absolutely no sugar and calories and three fruity flavors, all different from the original lineup in Grapefruit, Cherry Lime, and Blackberry.

Cellucor’s C4 Smart Energy Natural Zero is available now through its online store at, and not only is it not more expensive than the regular C4 Smart Energy, it’s actually cheaper. You can grab the brand’s latest Natural Zero spin-off at a regular price of $25.99 for a case of 12 cans, versus the original Smart Energy at $27.99 for its 25% smaller 12oz can.