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Newcomer Culture from Steve Cook previews a second flavor for Pump

culture pump sour watermelon candy

While Steve Cook only launched his supplement company Culture a couple of months ago to start the year, it has already announced a flavor extension for one of its products. The brand came to market with four different supplements, although only one of those had just one flavor to choose from, compared to the other three that each had three flavors.

The product getting the first new flavor addition from Steve Cook’s Culture is its stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout Culture Pump, which currently comes in the one Peach Mango option. The flavor the brand has announced this week and says will be available in the coming days is a sweet and sour candy creation named Sour Watermelon Candy.

Culture’s Sour Watermelon Candy Pump is going to be live and available to purchase from the brand’s online store this coming Monday at precisely midday Mountain Time, at Culture Pump’s usual price of $44.99 per tub.

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