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G Fuel teams up with Doom Eternal for a reskin and an all-new Demon’ade flavor

doom eternal spicy demon ade reskin

Just over one year after the introduction of its collaboration with the video game Doom Eternal from Bethesda Softworks, G Fuel is back with another couple of products similar to that original collaboration. The gaming supplement company has once again teamed up with Bethesda and Doom Eternal for two special edition flavors of its energy and focus enhancing gaming product.

One of the items G Fuel has created in partnership with Doom Eternal is a reskin of the flavor of its first collaboration with the video game from a year ago in Spicy Demon’ade. It features the same fiery flavor but alongside a different label design, while the brand’s other collaboration product is similarly named but an all-new taste experience with the sour lemon candy recipe, Sour Demon’ade.

G Fuel and Doom Eternal have essentially returned a year later to bring you a rebranded version of Spicy Demon’ade and a new flavor in Sour Demon’ade. They each have their own individual Doom Eternal artwork in the background and are available to pre-order now through the brand’s online store, although they aren’t going to be shipping for a long time in the third week of May.

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