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Enhanced Labs moves into the water loss market with its all-new Shred XT

enhanced labs shred xt

The water loss and diuretic supplement category is not touched all that often these days, with very few mid to major brands putting together something specifically for it. The growing Enhanced Labs has hit the month of March with that very type of product, introducing Shred XT, formulated entirely to reduce excess water weight for improved muscle definition.

Like most of Enhanced Labs’ other supplements, Shred XT comes with a variety of well-dosed ingredients with four features outside of its blend of vitamins and minerals. The formula includes a couple of common water loss ingredients in dandelion extract and uva ursi at 300mg and 100mg, respectively, as well as 50mg each of apple cider vinegar and green tea extract.

Enhanced Labs Shred XT is available starting this week through its online store at $27.99 for a full-size bottle of 30 servings. The brand directs users to take it once or twice per day, with the former making it last a full month, while the maximum of two servings a day will only give you 15 days worth of Shred XT.