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HD Muscle rounds outs the health series with its advanced LiverHD

hd muscle liverhd

As they say, good things come in threes, and that is exactly what HD Muscle has this week. Following on from our posts over the past couple of days on SleepHD and KidneyHD, today we have details on the brand’s third health-based supplement, LiverHD. Much like KidneyHD, LiverHD is an advanced product but dedicated to supporting a different organ in liver health.

Some of the key benefits HD Muscle is promoting for LiverHD include enhanced cell regeneration, better production of healthy bile, and increased detoxification, all in the effort to support and protect your liver. As for the formula behind the supplement, it is indeed an advanced, comprehensive product, featuring a respectable blend of ingredients and dosages.

hd muscle liverhd

HD Muscle has brought together six main ingredients for LiverHD, one of which you typically only see standalone, and even then, it’s not all that common. Each serving of the supplement packs a gram each of n-acetyl-l-cysteine and milk thistle, 200mg of premium Setria glutathione, BroccoPhane branded broccoli sprout, 50mg of AstraGin, and 250mg of TUDCA.

As far as dedicated liver health products go, HD Muscle’s LiverHD is one of the most well-put-together supplements out there, and for what you get, it’s reasonably priced, costing $54.99 for a bottle of 30 full servings over at

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