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Myprotein’s Coffee Boost Whey explains its hybrid approach in its name

myprotein coffee boost whey

We’re back again this week with more new product news from the international brand Myprotein, introducing the somewhat self-explanatory Coffee Boost Whey. Even in the brand’s own description, it says, Coffee Boost Whey is precisely what it says it is, a whey-based protein powder infused with coffee to give you a nice boost in energy when you need it.

Each serving of Myprotein’s all-new Coffee Boost Whey provides a typical 20g of protein coming from whey concentrate, 2.3g of carbohydrates with 1.3g of that sugar, 1.2g of fat, and 101 calories. There is also a blend of B vitamins in the supplement, and as mentioned, natural caffeine from green coffee powder pairing that 20g of protein with 95mg of caffeine.

Myprotein’s Coffee Boost Whey is available for purchase from its primary online store at at £8.99 for a small 250g bag or £27.99 for a four times larger 1kg. There are flavors to choose from as well, with two, in Iced Latte and Caramel Macchiato.