Myprotein releases a refreshed Beef Biltong snack in three different flavors

Mar 2nd, 2021
myprotein beef biltong

Myprotein has dropped a refreshed version of its high-protein snack, Beef Biltong, featuring a much more colorful look than biltong from the popular international brand in the past. Like other biltong products, it provides a lean nutrition profile led by 27g of protein per 50g bag, a lean 2.8g of fat and a gram of carbohydrates, with a calorie count of 135.

The refreshed Myprotein Beef Biltong has hit the market in three different flavors in a plain option named “Traditional”, and two classic beefy tastes in Barbecue and Chili. All of the flavors are made with premium British and Irish beef and are in stock now in the brand’s international online store at, where a single bag will cost you £3.99 (5.53 USD).

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