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Velositol-infused Big Hydro protein powder finally arrives from O15 Nutrition

o15 nutrition big hydro

The third and final supplement from Brandon Curry’s brand O15 Nutrition, that it said it would be launching after the arrival of the pre-workout Exalt, has launched this week, introducing the protein powder, Big Hydro. The latest from the brand is a relatively straightforward product powered by hydrolyzed whey concentrate and enhanced with Velositol.

O15 Nutrition’s Big Hydro packs 21g of protein per serving, a little less than the usual 25g, alongside 1.5g of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, and a calorie count of 120. As mentioned, there is also a full dose of Velositol in the supplement at 2g to essentially double the power of your protein by significantly improving the uptake of amino acids.

Like all of the other O15 Nutrition products, Big Hydro has exclusively launched through the major supplement retailer Tiger Fitness, with two tastes to choose from in Red Velvet Cake and Fruity Cereal. Currently, the protein powder is available in only the one 2lb tub size packing a total of 29 servings, and will cost you $39.99 over at Tiger Fitness.