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Save 10% on O15 Nutrition with its complete collection at Tiger Fitness

o15 nutrition complete collection

This week, Brandon Curry’s still very new supplement company O15 Nutrition finally released its protein powder, with the whey isolate-based and Velositol-infused Big Hydro. It packs the usual 25g of protein per serving with a lean 120 calorie count and a full 2g of premium Velositol to double the power of your protein by improving and enhancing muscle protein synthesis.

O15 Nutrition’s Big Hydro is now available through the major retailer Tiger Fitness, which actually has one other addition from Brandon Curry’s brand this week, although it’s not an all-new supplement. Tiger Fitness has put together a complete stack of O15’s five products, with full-sizes of Expansion, Exalt, Big Hydro, Happy Gutz, and its tasty and original Big-O Protein Bar.

The O15 Nutrition complete collection at Tiger Fitness does, of course, save you money with 10% off what you’d pay to purchase each of the supplements individually. To make the stack even more attractive to fans of the growing brand, it comes with a free O15 tee, available in sizes small through to XXXL.