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Oatein previews its next snack named Nutty Crisp and packing 15g of protein

oatein nuttry crisp

The original oat-based brand Oatein, out of the UK, already has plenty of snacks and treats available, from its original Oatein Flapjack and Brownie through to its Hype Bar and Millionaire Crunch. While the brand does have many on-the-go items, they each have their own point of difference, which is also the case for the next all-new snack from Oatein named “Nutty Crisp”.

The first look at Oatein Nutty Crisp has been shared this week, and from what we understand, it is true to its name and is a crunchy and crispy nut-based bar that is high in protein. The only macro we can confirm so far for the upcoming product is a moderate 15g of protein, although we imagine the others are reasonably high as the overall weight of each Nutty Crisp bar is 60g.

The one other piece of information Oatein has shared for its intriguing new Nutty Crisp protein snack are the two flavors it is due to debut in, and they are relatively straightforward with Chocolate and Caramel. The UK brand is hoping to have its newest functional food on the market very soon, so fans will want to keep their eyes peeled.

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