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Red Dragon shares the first look at its more intense Dragon’s Breath Black

red dragon dragons breath black

Australian supplement company Red Dragon Nutritionals has built out its lineup quite well over the past couple of years and now has products competing in weight loss, pre-workout, and two different protein powders. Somewhere closer to the end of the month, the growing brand is coming out with yet another supplement, although this one is for a category it’s already in.

Red Dragon Nutritionals has dropped the first look at Dragon’s Breath Black, a more intense and hardcore version of its original stimulant pre-workout simply named Dragon’s Breath. The brand doesn’t plan on sharing the full formula behind the pre-workout spin-off until we’re closer to its release, although the first look does confirm three of its primary highlights.

The Red Dragon Nutritionals product is going to feature 100mg more caffeine than the original at 350mg per full serving, 200mg of English walnut, and 500mg of Nitrosigine. There are, of course, other ingredients in Dragon’s Breath Black, but for now, those are the three we know for sure are in the mix, which should certainly give it a stronger level of energy.

Once again, Red Dragon Nutritionals is planning to launch Dragon’s Breath Black later this month with the usual 30 full servings per tub and four flavors to choose from in candy cola bottles, grape, a lime-based recipe, and blueberry lemon.