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No Whey plant-based protein from Rocka is being turned into a protein bar

rocka nutrition no whey protein bar

The German brand Rocka Nutrition already has plenty of protein bars, including tasty creations like Rockalicious, the sweet and candy bar-like Joker, the Yum Yum Bar, and The Vegan Bar. Very soon, the creative company is adding another entry to the popular protein bar category that’s more along the lines of The Vegan Bar than any of those others.

Rocka Nutrition’s latest functional effort is named after its plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder No Whey with the No Whey Bar. Just like the original supplement, the No Whey Bar is made with only plant-based ingredients and provides a reasonable 13g of protein per bar, as well as promises on its wrapper to be “Too Good To Be A Vegan Bar”.

The only other detail Rocka Nutrition has revealed about its upcoming No Whey Bar is the first flavor it is due to launch in. That flavor will be Chocolate Cereal Pops featuring sweet and crunchy chocolate oat pops throughout the bar.

We’ve heard great things about Rocka Nutrition’s Joker Protein Bar and its delicious candy bar-like experience, so we have high hopes for the No Whey Bar. It is worth mentioning again, the product is completely vegan-friendly, which is something that tends to affect the taste and texture of protein snacks; either way, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.