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Markus Rühl’s brand jumps on the trend of clear fruit-flavored whey isolate protein

ruhls best crystal whey protein isolate watermelon

The supplement company Rühls Bestes (Rühls Best) from legendary European bodybuilder Markus Rühl has jumped on the trend of fruit-flavored whey isolate protein with its all-new Crystal Whey Isolate Protein. It is indeed similar to other brands we’ve seen get in on the trend, with a protein powder powered by lean whey isolate in a fruity flavor instead of the usual milkshake type taste.

Rühls Best Crystal Whey Isolate Protein has debuted in just the one Watermelon flavor to start, packing a solid 25g of protein in a 30g serving with half a gram of fat, only a gram of carbohydrates, and 109 calories. The brand does already have a whey isolate-based protein powder on the market, with the main difference in Crystal Whey Isolate Protein being the Watermelon flavor and its clearer mixing liquid.

Directly from Rühls Best through its online store, Crystal Whey Isolate Protein is actually similarly priced to its other whey isolate protein powders sitting at €29.95 (35.75 USD) for a 900g bag.