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Crispy and crunchy new protein-packed snack BaR1 comes to Rule One

rule one proteins bar1

The recently teased, all-new functional product from Rule One is the delicious-looking BaR1. It is a protein-packed snack that comes in the traditional bar format, featuring a crispy and crunchy build. It has a solid layer of flavor along the bottom, a Rice Krispies Treat-like main body, with lines of flavor across the top, all providing a solid 20g of protein per bar.

The protein in Rule One’s BaR1 actually comes from a variety of quality sources, four to be exact, with a blend of milk and whey isolate, and milk and whey concentrate. The rest of the product’s macros are relatively typical for a protein bar, including 9g of fat, 25g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar and 15g fiber, and a total number of calories at 220.

rule one proteins bar1

As mentioned, Rule One’s tasty new on-the-go product features a crispy and crunchy build and is available in two sweet and rich flavors with Peanut Butter and one for chocolate lovers in Fudge Brownie. BaR1 is already in stock and ready to purchase on the brand’s online store at $2.99 for a single bar or a more cost-effective $31.99 for a box of 12 bars.