Bulk unflavored GABA continues SNS’ spree of releases for 2021

Mar 24th, 2021
sns gaba

Serious Nutrition Solutions, more simply known as SNS, is still continuing its promise of at least one new product per week since the start of this year, with this week bringing another basic standalone item to the line. While the brand has put out many advanced supplements in its spree of releases for 2021, most of them have been like its latest and feature straightforward, single-ingredient formulas.

Now available from SNS is a standalone GABA supplement in unflavored powder format. The product comes in a large bulk tub with 300g of GABA, which you can split however you like, whether it be 300 single gram servings or 60, 5g servings. You can purchase the supplement starting this week from the SNS website at $29.99, or $23.99 if you make use of our exclusive Stack3d Insider coupon.

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